August 9, 2012

Table Transformation with Paris Gray

Ahhh...back from the morning run with a neighbor and the little puppy.  It always feels so good to start the morning run.  Actually, let's be clear...getting up for the run and going on the run do not feel good.  The accomplishment and the energy I have afterwards do feel good.

I'm in a speed painting mode this week.  Trying to get a lot of furniture pieces finished up before our next batch of company arrives.  Yep, I just compared them to cookies and called them a batch.  My baby sister and her hubby are coming, and they are bringing with them my two nieces and sister number two.  There are four of us and we all start with H' one could conceivably lose track....Heather, Holly, Hilary, and Hannah.  Our own little 4-H club.

Ok, I digress.  Back to furniture.  I picked up this little table and chair set at a garage sale recently for a steal.  The entire set was black and in decent condition (excluding the top of the table).  So, I kept the chairs and the table base black and did some touch-up work on them.

 I painted the top of the table with one coat of ASCP in Paris Gray.  I let it dry for an ample amount of time 30 minutes (because I'm patient like that), and then gave it a heavy distress.  That is one thing I love about this dries so fast.  If it's not completely dry, you'll just end up with a different look.  You can't really go wrong here.  And since I knew I wanted a heavy distress, I didn't have much to lose by moving along so quickly.  This heavy of a distress is certainly not for everyone, but since I'm in the business of furniture resale, I like to keep a variety of finishes going on to please the masses.
 I distressed using a sanding block.  Normally, I don't use these, because it fills up so quickly with the chalk dust, but in this case I did.  I just beat it on the driveway every few minutes to empty the dust.  I believe it was a 120/150 grit block.
 After the distressing, this piece got two coats of clear wax followed by a good buffing.  So perfectly smooth to the touch!  Now she's ready for a new home.
 Or he, it could be a he.  Maybe it is a he with all the grays and blacks.  Oh, and I couldn't get a picture without the furry little model jumping in.
 The Paris Gray is a bit darker than it appears in these pictures.  But, with my phone camera, this is about as good as it gets.  I wished I was as passionate about photography as I am about painting.  Unfortunately, there's not much about taking pictures that I do enjoy.  Maybe one day.
 And, just for kicks, his a look at my booth space at De'France.  I just restocked there on Tuesday.

The End.

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