March 31, 2012

Tea-Cher Card

Another creative idea by one of my sisters, Holly.  This was actually made last Spring, but it makes a perfect Spring gift for a teacher.  Ignore the dates on the pic...her date function is not set right on her camera.  It is simply cut out from scrapbook paper.  She free handed the image of the mug (but I'm sure you could find one online).  She made it where there were two drawings of the mug, opposite of each other and left them attached to each other on the handle.  This would then become the front and back of the card.

 Next she cut out an insert to glue to the inside of the front cover to create a pocket, to hold tea bags, etc.  On the interior of the back side she wrote: You're a Great Tea-Cher.
What a fun, quick, and easy idea to welcome Spring and honor a, sunday school, dance, or whatever kind of tea-cher it is!

March 28, 2012

Marketing Material

I showed you all my official logo a couple of days ago and now I'm excited to show you the additional marketing info that just got completed.

Just a reminder, here's the official logo for my business:
This is the supplemental logo that will be used on additional pieces:

Business card front:
 Business card back:

Tags that I will use for marking prices/vendor #/description/etc. in my booths:
All of the design work for each of these was done by Vintage Birch Designs.  I HIGHLY recommend them.  The work is exceptional.  The prices are super reasonable.  The communication is stellar.  I am so pleased with them.  If you have a chance, be sure to check out their website:  You can even find some of my material in their portfolio on their website.   YAY!! 

Well, now you can all see one of the things I've been working on lately.  I say ONE of the things, because I feel like there are about a million things going on right now...and I love it.  I love the challenge and I love the work.  I am so blessed to have enough work to be busy!! :)

March 25, 2012

Yet Another Gray Dresser

I'm still MIA (and sore, and tired, and worn out, and the list goes on) from the 10+ hours days of moving the base Thrift Shop.  Not sure it will ever end!  Ok, well, it has to end soon, because I'm going on vacation in a week and a half!!

The gray dressers I've been doing have been really popular and have all sold really fast lately, so I figure I might as well continue with them.  Why stop a good thing.  And, since I love gray, it's definitely a good thing.

Here's the finished chest I worked on in my limited free time the last couple days:
 And here's the before:
 It was solid wood and in great shape, so it just needed an exterior makeover, so I got to sanding.  I sanded the entire piece with 120 grit using my Dewalt orbital sander.  This little guy was observing to make sure I did it right!
 I then sanded the top down to bare wood.  I also did this one with a 120-grit, because it was coming off fairly easy once I put some elbow grease into it.
 The drawers also got sanded lightly with a 120-grit.
After sanding, I wiped with a damp rag and gave everything (excluding the top) a coat of my gray mix from Benjamin Moore.  Just as a reminder.  I had made a gray mix on my own out of some various grays and whites.  I had a client that saw a piece I did and wanted the exact same color...ummm, yikers--I had no clue what I had mixed.  So, I went to Benjamin Moore and they matched it perfectly.  I use a Satin Impervo for this.
 Then it all got a second coat after ample dry time.
 Side note: I used to always remove hardware and just set it to the side.  Then, when I needed it to put back on I either couldn't remember where I set it or a screw was missing, or some other random problem.  Plus I generally have more than one project going at once, which gives me lots of little pieces with potential to get lost.  So, I pulled out a plastic Christmas tin that has a lid and I've been using this for years to store the hardware and screws for the pieces I'm working on.
The top was stained with Minwax Dark Walnut.
Then I sprayed the original hardware with ORB and let that dry.
 Here it is all put back together and ready to go to a new home.  To finish up, I sanded to give it a distressed finish and sealed the entire piece with Minwax Paste Wax in Natural.  This chest is up for grabs!!
 I just love the dark walnut/gray combination.

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March 22, 2012

The Story of the Buffet that Returned to Me

Just a quick share of a recently completed buffet.  Long story short--I saw this buffet at an estate sale.  I loved it.  I wanted it.  I ran straight to it when the line opened.  Someone had already claimed it.  It sold for $20. Yep, you heard read that right. 20 smackaroos.  Saddness took over me.  I was bummed...really bummed.

Fast forward a few months.  I had another buffet that I wasn't so in love with.  It really was a great sturdy piece, but it was very 50's retro style, which is great, it's just not my personal style.  It had moved between a couple of my booths and still hadn't sold.  Then, someone approached me and asked me if I would trade that buffet for another buffet they had AND a cedar wardrobe.  Umm...YES, most definitely YES...didn't even need to see the buffet.  But, when I did....oh, be still my was this one.  The same one from the estate sale.  I love it when God gives me good little surprises!

Let's just say it didn't look as good and chippy as it does in this picture (but I don't have a good before pic).  Let's also say that NONE of the drawers/doors worked properly.  Lucky me, I have a bit of skill with the power tools and I have a handy hubby and daddy who were happy to assist.  Needless to say, this piece turned out stunning in the end.  PS-did you know that you can use finishing wax to help drawers slide better...just rub it on the drawers and slides and it make it slide like butter (well, most of the time that is).

This piece went to Smith's where it didn't last too long.  Hopefully it has a good home somewhere now.  I'm guessing it's somewhere along the beach in a nice little cottage-y condo.

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