February 18, 2013

Dark Wax Video Tutorial

Hey Guys!  Yesterday, I shared a post with you about using dark wax to change the tone of furniture.  In that post, I mentioned that I would TRY to make a video tutorial.  Well, I did.  I look scary and sound like a country bumpkin in the video, but since both of those are my reality, we'll just roll with it.  Thanks to my neighbor who put her videoing skills to work in this very unedited, low-tech video tutorial!

Hopefully it will help you get an idea though.  I sorta liked doing a video.  Maybe there will be more to come!!??!!??

Just a reminder, here's the furniture we're working with.  These are two pieces out of a set of six that I'm doing for a client.  Here's the before pics:

Let's just get started with the how-to video and then I can show you some more pictures below:

Here's a "during" shot.  The drawers on the left are before any waxing and the drawers on the right are after the dark wax.  The client wanted to pull these pieces into more of the brown tones and move away slightly from the yellowish tone.

 Here's and after of the tall chest, but the lighting is bad...still looks yellow in these pics, but truly it's not.  Again, I will show pics of all of this once it's completed and set up in the clients home.

Here's a side-by-side of the yellow versus the brown:

I'll pin this video to my "completed furniture and projects" board on Pinterest in case you want to view it there.

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