September 4, 2012

She's Baaaaack!

That's me...I'm the she that's back.  I know I've been MIA.  But, I didn't fall of the face of the planet.  Actually, I kinda did.  I went to visit my family and the hubby's family in the sticks of Oklahoma, so to some that is considered falling off the face of the planet.  I always have good intentions of blogging while I'm home, but then the nieces and nephew seem to pull me away.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for those cuties!

I was off work for a few days so I decided to head home for a bit, then it turned out to be a pretty good choice, since at the time, the hurricane was headed right for us.  So I boarded up the windows and hit the road with my travel partner:

 While I was home I got to spend so much quality time with all my family and my husband's family.  We went to the cemetery to add some new flowers to my Mom's grave.  Here are the nieces (Avery and Jordyn) and nephew (Aiden) helping out and visiting their Noni's grave. 
 Here is one of my Dad (Ricky) and us girls (Holly, Heather, Hilary, Hannah).  This was the best picture we got since we only had a kid to take it for us.  I should also remind you that while to some this seems crazy that we would visit the cemetery and be all smiles.  Let me assure that it is sad and hard for us, but we smile because we continue to have joy in the fact that my Mom is in Heaven.  This is an empty grave, she is not here and we somehow rejoice in that.  There is a song called "If You Could See Me Now" and it talks about not wanting a loved one to leave Heaven because it is such a perfect place.  This is certainly our view...we know our Mom is in a perfect place.  And while it's not always easy, Jesus remains our strength until the day we join her.
 I did do a little work while I was home.  Mainly for my sisters, so we'll just call it "complimentary work". Good thing I love them so much!  Here is the before of a cabinet that I did for Holly.  This used to be our entertainment center when we were teenagers, and she has turned it into a kitchen storage/utility cabinet.
 I did the weathered paint technique using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to achieve this look.

 Here's a couple of close-ups:

 I also did a small nightstand for Hannah, but, in true goober-style, I forgot the before picture.
 Here's a close-up of this one.
Oklahoma can also be's proof.  This is a splinter that I pulled out of my Dad's leg one day.  Just to show you how monsterous it was, I compared it to a penny:
 And here's some close ups of my little jewels.  Here's Jordyn, who turns eight this weekend.  She's so precious and inquisitive.  I got to have lunch with her at her school a couple times and we got to have a couple sleepovers, and so much more.
 Avery turned six while I was home and let me tell you...she is a spunky little ball of fire.  Here's a picture of her at one of our sleepovers...sleeping on her "taggy", holding a stuffed bear, with a bunny towel wrapped around her and slipped over her head.
 Aiden loves the "red slide" at "Noni's park" (the memorial playground in my mom's honor).  He's so smart and I absolutely love getting to hang out with him.
 Last but not least, what's a day without some adventure.  Here's Dad and the grandkids in the tree they all climbed.  I just love them all to pieces!!!  Isn't he such a good Popi!
Back to work and reality again.  I have a number of paint jobs lined up for client's over the next few weeks, so I'll try to keep you posted with some befores and afters, along with some tutorials. 

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