June 7, 2012

Chest of Drawers Given New Life

Hello Blogland.  I went AWOL for a few days but I did not forget about you.  I've just been a busy little bee.  I had given myself and insanely crazy to-do list of things to conquer over the last few weeks and at the end of the days I've just been worn out.  But, I'm energized now and back to action.  Well, I've been in action, I just haven't been blogging about it.  Now I am.  I didn't want to get in trouble by my grandpaw for not posting often enough.  It's his way to keep up with me.  Love you Paw-Paw!!

Okay, so here's a little after and before of a dresser I just finished last week:

 I picked this piece up at the base thrift store that I work at.  I paid a little bit more than usual for a few reasons. 1. I needed some more big furniture pieces. 2. The drawers worked perfectly and the chest didn't need any work. 3. The drawers worked perfectly and the chest didn't need any work. 4. The drawers worked perfectly and the chest didn't need any work.  Okay, I guess you get the point.  Sometimes it's nice to pay a little extra and know that I don't have to do any repair work.  And, the original hardware....oh so lovely!
 I sanded it all down with a 120 grit using my Dewalt orbital sander.  I really couldn't make it through the day without this little guy...the sander that it.  Next up it got a sloppy coat of Smart Prime by Benjamin Moore.  I've been using this stuff for a couple of years now and have really been happy with the adherence, durability, coverage, and efficiency.
 The primer was followed with two coats of Cabinet Coat paint, also by Benjamin Moore.  A friend of mine had this left over from a project (and it was nearly full) and she asked me if I wanted it.  Umm, YES PLEASE!!  And, thank you!

 You can see that my assistant was working real hard here.
 After everything dried well, I gave it light to medium distress using a 220-grit paper.  The original hardware was put back on.
 And then it all got a good coat of Minwax Paste Wax, in Natural.
 I love the simple shabby chic vibe from this piece.  So cute!  It's now available at Smith's Antiques in Destin.
 And, here's a couple updated shots of my booth at De'France in Fort Walton Beach.

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