May 31, 2012

I Love This Stuff {Goof Off}

Really, I.LOVE.THIS.STUFF!  I got it at Lowe's a while back to give it a try.  I have since trashed my Goo-Gone and this is my new gunk remover!  It does have a strong smell to it.  But, aside from the fact that it works AMAZINGLY well, my favorite part is that it doesn't leave the greasy residue behind that I got from Goo-Gone.  My hands and my stuff always needed a rub down with alcohol after I used Goo-Gone.  Not with this stuff.  And, did you know it can also clean a mirror??  I know, carazzy, right?

 Here's an example of something I just used it on.  I had this ironstone bowl that nothing seemed to work on.  There were some stains in the bottom and some very old tape residue.  Even my Goo-Gone didn't touch it. This picture if after I tried about 10 different cleaners.
Here's a close up of the funk:
 30 seconds later and here are the results.  The only spots left are some pitting, not an actual stain.  I had nearly given up on this little piece.
Anyone else love this stuff??


buffalo chicken wing said...

My mom & her boss swear by this stuff!!!

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Hmmm...never tried it...think I'll get some :) Thanks, Laurel