July 31, 2012

Little Table Gets New Life & A Story

So, today is primarily a before and after with a bit of story mixed in.  Here's a little side table I redid recently.  Here's the after:

 And the before:
 I bought this at a garage sale and thought I could just sell it as it was.  There wasn't really anything wrong with it, so off to the booth it went.  Where it sat, and sat, and sat, and sat some more.  I was tired of seeing it there and tired of it not selling, so I brought it home and doctored it up.
 I first used an ivory spray paint.  Ok, no problems there.  Then, I decided to put a dark wax over it.  Problem enters here.  Being the impatient one that I am, the spray paint had only been on there for about 30 minutes, but I proceeded to wax anyways.  Mistake (or so I thought).  It started smearing the spray paint and giving it a look that I wasn't really going for.  I distressed it some and called it good, even though I wasn't satisfied.  Had I seen this piece at a store finished like this, I would have snatched it up for resale.  But there was something about the fact that I knew it's imperfections came solely because of my impatience...it just wasn't sitting right with me.  I wasn't loving it.  (Looking back I should have).  So, instead of taking it back to the booth, where in all likelihood it would have quickly sold, I considered it a failure and took it to the thrift shop I work at for sale (it's also a consignment shop).  Then, another dealer friend of mine came in that same day, snatched it up, took it to her booth (at a store where I also have a booth), more than tripled the price, and off it went to a new home.  Now why wasn't I using my noggen???  I could have just put it in my booth, but I didn't.  I'm a goober.  Good thing this "dealer" is a great friend of mine.  I was super happy for her "find" and her "sell".
Why is it that sometimes we are just to judgmental on ourselves??  I'm not a perfectionist, generally, so I'm still bumfuzzled by this.  Looking back on these pictures, I guess it was pretty cute and rustic.  Oh well, on to new painting adventures.
Oh, and just for those of you who are jealous of the sunshine state....don't be.  Here's my weather the last few weeks (not ideal for getting caught up on my painting projects):


suzyq said...

It's so strange this furniture business - I had a piece I tried to sell - and it sat and sat - and I lowered the price and lowered the price - and took it off the listing.
And then decided I would give it to a charity - but before that I would give it one more shot - listed it again - at the original price I wanted and it was gone the same day...not for the impatient this business, lol
That is such an authentic looking shabby piece - I love it!

Mimi@blueroofcabin said...

Funny story. I'm the same way if I am not happy with a piece it's hard for me to sell it. Of course when I love a piece it's hard for me to sell it....... ;)