July 26, 2012

Entry Way of Honor

This week has been another busy one.  The weather is not cooperating on the painting home-front though.  Good thing I had a million other things that needed my attention aside from paint-related projects!  How can one to-do list become so long?  It's like it multiplies while I look at it.  So, for lack of painting projects from the last couple of days to share, I'm bringing you into my house.  Today, I'm sharing my entry way.  I'll focus on the portion I did in my Mom's honor.  In the pic below you can see the front door and our big furry black home security system.  There's also a gallery wall...that houses all of the nieces and nephews artwork.  As they send us new stuff, the art gets updated.  I LOVE this wall. 
 As you come in the front door, this is your view:
 When we first moved into this house two years ago, it was the same time that I had just lost my Mom, so I wanted to do something in her honor.  This is my tribute to her.  You can read more about her story and her inspirational journey here.
 The wood box is an old garage sale find.  I love primitive decor and so did my Mom.  The ivy is from her funeral service and is just sitting in an old galvanized pot.  My Mom collected old children's chairs and had an entire wall in her house filled with them.  She wanted each of us to have one, so this is the one that came to live with me.  I must admit, I have now turned into a children's chair collector.  Read more about that here.
 This cross is really amazing.  It is made from grapevine, which I love.  I use grapevine frequently throughout my home decor.  This cross was sent to my Mom's funeral with artificial flowers on it.  I eventually removed the flowers and replaced them with a gray ribbon, representing brain cancer awareness.  This cross is a great reminder of faith and family.  I would like to thank the person that sent it, but out of the hundreds and hundreds of flowers and cards received, this was the ONE item that came from someone that no one in our family seems to know.  I would love to know who this came from to give them a proper "thank-you".
 This beautiful quote speaks for itself.  Justin's sister sent this to us and it's words could not be more perfect.  Thanks KrisAnn!
 Here's the beautiful lady that this spot in our house is set up to honor.  We love you Mom and miss you every day!
Now you've had a sneak peek into my home.  There's usually dog hair on the floor and clutter on the bar, but hopefully you're not too scared away.  Come on over and visit!