May 8, 2012

Birthday's, Other Randomness, and a Little Table

I am officially out of my self-proclaimed two-day funk.  My hot husband had his birthday on Sunday.  Isn't he soooo handsome?? :)  I may be a bit partial.
He is my world!  He is the most amazing man I could imagine.  He loves me and supports me in a way that I could not dream of.  I am truly blessed to be his wife.  After growing up together, dating 9 years, and being married 5, I'm surprised he still puts up with me, but I'm so incredibly thankful that he does!

Since we are miles apart, Gauge and I celebrated his birthday with a candle to go along with our dinner.  Yes, I eat cereal nearly every dinner meal (except for dinner share) while the hubby is away.  Don't judge me.  It's my comfort food.

 Then, today I celebrated my Mom's birthday.  I made pie-crust-crackers in her honor.  They were one of her favorites, and they are made from scratch from the recipe she handed down to me.  For those that may not know, pie crust crackers are simply made from a pie crust.  It MUST be a home-made pie crust.  A store bought or pre-made crust will NEVER work, trust me.  You simply roll it out after the dough is made, cut into small squares, sprinkle half of the squares with salt and the other half with cinnamon and sugar, bake until slightly golden, and enjoy the pure deliciousness.  This was the very last thing I got to do for my Mom.  I made them at 2:00 in the morning on the day we were pulling out from Oklahoma to get our stuff from Utah for the move to Florida (yeah, I even lost myself there).  I was pretty sure it would be the last time I got to see her, so pie-crust-crackers are the last memory I have with my Mom.  I cherish them every time I make them and enjoy eating them!

Now, for the reason you come to my and other DIY stuff.  Here's the latest table I just finished.  The hubby whipped this one out with some free trim pieces we picked up out of a dumpster last summer.  I took this one to my booth at De'France today.  Here it is on display:

 And a close up of the antiquing:
 Here's how it started.  All free except his labor.  Love me some free!
 I painted the base with two coats of ASCP in Provence and stained the insert with Dark Walnut stain by Minwax.
 I didn't even distress this one...just added some clear wax, followed by dark wax, then a little more clear to blend them.  I love the antiqued look it ended up having.

 While at De'France, I snapped a couple of updated pics.  These always look a bit cluttered when looking back over them, but sells, so I stuff!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!


Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

You guys are absolutely ADORABLE!! So glad you are moving out of that funk... its good to give ourselves a few days time to let us feel our funks though. Feel the funk, then move on- haha!!!

Love the table!

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

And here we are.. bloggin' it at night again ;)