May 6, 2012

Color Me Purple

Ever just have a 'blah' kind of day??  Well, that's the kind I'm having.  I don't like it and I'm in a funk.  I keep telling myself to get out of it, but it's not working.  Maybe it's just the hubby being gone and all the special days that fall during this time of May that has me a bit down.  For me one of the hardest things about the military life is not seeing family for all of these special times - one of Justin's nieces birthday's was last Friday, Justin's birthday is today, my Mom's birthday would have been this coming Tuesday, and of course Mother's Day is right around the corner (which makes me miss my Mom so much).  I will just keep pressing on though, and these days will pass and there will be joy for me through it!

Okay, moving on from the sad funk...onto something bold and bright.  This is a dresser I did for a customer.  It was going to be for her little girls room.  The daughter LOVES purple.  So, they went to Benjamin Moore and this is the paint chip color the daughter picked out.

 This client contacted me and wanted a dresser, but wanted to look at some that I had on hand and this was the one she picked.
  It pretty much looked like a hot mess here-really boring and outdated, but I assured her we could bring some life to it:
 They wanted purple with hints of white peeking through, so I sanded it down really well using a 120 grit paper on my orbital sander. I then cleaned it up well and put a coat of white primer on it.
 Then followed with two coats of the purple paint, lightly sanding with a high grit paper in between all coats.
Not only did they want a bit of white popping through, but they also wanted a slightly distressed, worn look as well.  I used a bit of dark wax to achieve the desired look:
 The hardware got the usual ORB and we were able to use the existing hardware.
 The entire piece was waxed with Minwax Paste Wax in Natural.
 My client and her daughter loved this piece and the way it turned out.  I just love it when customer is so excited with the end result!
A perfect addition to a little girls room, don't you think?


Tammy said...

My daughter would love this--She is a lover of purple too. I hope you feel better soon. It is so hard to get out of feeling sad. I will pray for you. I am your newest follower from Homespun Happenings. Thanks for visiting me tonight!

Beth Giardina said...

Hi Heather,
Just wanted to let you know YOU inspired me! (I met you Sat. morn in BWB outside a garage getting' ready to be picked over!) I hope you found many treasures that keep you busy... perhaps we'll run into each other again soon. Wishing you the best! Beth (who lives in MaryCatherine's 'hood)