May 1, 2012

Have a Seat

Hey Guys!  Today was my short day at the Thrift Shop and I'm not painting today, so instead I'm getting caught up on some much needed housework.  I sure love my little puppy, but I could do without vacuuming up his hair every day!!  I have a huge list of things I'm trying to get done around the house over the next six weeks while the hubby is gone, so I'm powering through and knocking them out!  But, of course, I will take time out to blog and connect with all of you!  And tonight is our neighborhood Dinnner Share night, so I've got to get going on dinner here in a little while.  But, let's take a break from the "to-do" list and look at these beauties that I just finished for a customer:

 She brought them to me looking like this:
 They were super sturdy, just a bit dated and blah and drab and boring and, well, you get the point.  She wanted and antiqued white finish with medium distressing (generally for my customers, I show them samples of my version of light, medium, and heavy distressing and then we go from there to achieve their desired look).  Enter ASCP in Old White.  All I did is wipe these babies down with a damp rag to remove dirt.  Then, two coats of ASCP Old White and some distressing, and here's what we have now:
I really should use my paint sprayer and make this process a bit quicker, but there is just something therapeutic for me about painting by hand.  Don't get me wrong...I do use my sprayer when it the right time, but I just enjoy hand painting most of the time.  I distressed these using my orbital sander with a 220-grit paper and then waxed them with Minwax Paste Wax in Natural.  I need to branch out more and experiment more with the AS dark and light wax...I'll get there...I'm just slow!
 Here they are now in all their updated glory:
A much better look for this pair if I do say so myself!  Here's a quick reminder of their before shot:

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Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Well you sure sound busy!! Love the chairs -- I don't have a sprayer but it would make getting in between those spindles easier I suppose! You did a great job -- love these!