May 4, 2012

So Proud!

Can I just take a minute to tell you how proud I am of two of my nieces, Jordyn and Avery!  These two girls have a heart bigger than you can possibly imagine.  While most 5 and 7 year old kids are off playing, these girls are giving of their time for a more than worthy cause...they are conducting a campaign for brain cancer awareness.

In June of 2010, my Mom (their Noni) passed away with brain cancer.  During the time she was sick, we started a campaign called "I Wear Grey for Mrs. Cindy".  She owned a private Christian preschool and was known throughout our community as "Mrs. Cindy".  Also, for those that are not aware, a grey ribbon represents brain cancer awareness (like the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness).  The money raised was used to purchase playground equipment in her honor.  Jordyn and Avery also lost their uncle (whom they never had the chance to meet) to brain cancer.

My two nieces have never ceased to keep this cause alive.  Recently, they decided to set up a lemonade stand outside their house one afternoon to raise money for this cause.  Here they are last week with their lemonade stand:

Well, the local news (in Paris, TX) found out about their endeavor and ran a story (can be read at  The girls decided to continue to the lemonade stand for a week each day after school.

Well, upon the story going more public, they were contacted by the local Relay for Life and asked to set up their stand at the kick-off rally.  The rally is tonight!!  They will be set up downtown Paris, starting at 6:00 pm to help kick-off the "Paint Paris Purple" Relay for Life rally.  This is a trial run of their table set-up they will be using tonight.

Over the last week they have already raised nearly $300 to continue to go towards this campaign.  I am so incredibly proud of them!  It blesses my heart so much to see their heart so passionate about something so special.  They truly are making a difference in their community and in their world.

If you are ever interested in reading the story of my Mom's journey through the cancer, I would love to share it with you.  It is truly inspirational and uplifting to read about the joy and the peace she had throughout her battle.  Sharing her journey is a way of keeping her story and her faith alive.  I can email the story (a Word document) to you upon request.
  This is my Mom, Cindy Stockton.  This picture was taken 8 months before she lost her battle:
This is the playground equipment we were able to purchase for a local park after raising nearly $14,000 during the "I Wear Grey for Mrs. Cindy" campaign:
Below is a picture of our family (Dad, Sisters, Nieces, & Grandpaw) at the ribbon cutting/dedication ceremony for the playground:

My Mom has always been and continues to be an inspiration behind all that I do.  To know that my nieces are living out her legacy is something I will cherish forever!  I'm so proud of you Jordyn & Avery!!

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beautiful story.