February 22, 2012

Two-Toned Buffet & My First Feature!

Holy Monkey....I'm so excited.  I was featured.  Yes, you read that right...little ol' me was featured.  My first feature.  I'm so excited.  Be sure to check out Elizabeth & Co. to see the table and chairs makeover of mine that was featured.  I'm truly honored, especially to be featured by someone whose blog I admire and respect so much.  Thanks Sharon!  Just in case you weren't getting the hint...I'm super, duper excited!
Okay, enough about me, let's talk about furniture, shall we?  Good thing my husband doesn't get jealous of the relationship I have with furniture and with my paint...we might have problems if he did!  Today, I worked at client's house, delivered some sample paint projects to another client, fluffed my booth at Smith's, ran a couple errands, and now I'm here with you!  While at my client's house today, we transformed this little french style buffet.
 It was pretty to start with, but she was ready for a change.  It had been this way for 10 years...grayish/silver with lighter silver drawers and silver leafing on the drawer edges.  She wanted to bring some more gold into the room and tone down the silver a bit.
 I started by painting the drawers (look at the drawer on the right of this picture), the middle front of the legs, and the top edge of this piece with a gold metallic paint by Modern Masters, that we picked up at Benjamin Moore.  She wanted a hand painted, streaky effect, which is good, because that's about as good as it gets with this paint on a smooth flat surface.  I used a small artists' brush for this process so I could get the edges, without getting paint on the silver leafed areas.  Next up was glazing.  For this project, the client had some antiquing glaze by Valspar on hand in black . The top left drawer of the picture below shows the drawer when I first applied the glaze.  The top right shows the drawer before any glaze.  To apply, I used a cheapo sponge brush and just brushed it right on.
After it set for about 2 minutes or so, I wiped it off using a dry rag.  This picture shows the difference it makes.  The top right drawer is original, the bottom left drawer is after applying glaze (before wiping it off), and the top left drawer is after wiping off the glaze.

 After completing the drawers, I painted a layer of glaze on the gray body of the piece.  Then wiped it off.  This picture is before wiping the glaze off.
 Same process for the top...here's the glaze being brushed on:
 And, here it is after wiping it off after it set about 2-3 minutes.  Simply wiped it off with the dry rag.  If you wanted to remove a bit more glaze, you could use a damp rag.
 Here it is once it was finished.  These pictures are all with my phone (sorry) because I didn't have my camera...sorry.  The gold appears about camel colored in these pictures, but is actually a beautiful metallic gold.
 Here's a few really bad pictures of my booth at Smith's after slightly rearranging:

And, that's all folks!

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oh i love it! it's so much warmer now!

Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

Congrats on your feature! Sharon was my very first follower so she's close to my heart! LOVE what you did with this desk! Nice job!

Sarah said...

Congrats on your first feature!!! I love how the buffet turned out! Great colors! I am your newest follower. Stop by sometime : ) Sarah

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

So happy to feature you! It won't be your last feature for sure, you are super talented! That buffet is a perfect example, it's a beauty! And I would love to come shop at your booth!