February 5, 2012

Heavy Beast, Booth Space, and Chubby Birds

Hello Blog Friends!!  I can't believe it's Sunday already.  I can't believe how fast this month is flying by.  On a side note about this month, one of my sister's will have an actual birthday this month.  She's a leap year baby, so this year she get's a "real" birthday.  YAY!!

On another note, I think my husband is in debate as to whether or not he still loves me.  I'll explain.  A couple weeks ago I found two smaller cabinet type pieces on Craigslist that I liked.  I went to look at them and bought them. In the process, I saw an armoire that they guy had.  Not just any armoire.  A BEAUTIFUL, old, rustic armoire.  The doors were made from two old shop doors from India in the 1800's.  Then, said guy tells this girl that it's for sale.  Be still my heart.  I love it.  It looks a bit heavy though.  Okay, it look a LOT heavy.  I didn't buy it on the spot.  I came home and told Justin that I thought I could buy it and sale it for a decent profit.  He said I should go for it.  I don't think he knew that next I would be recruiting him to pick it up with me.

Yesterday we got the trailer (we had to get it to pick up some other pieces I'm working on for some different clients) from our storage lot and headed to get the armoire.  I now know that it probably weighs about 600 pounds.  Justin had it on the dolly and was managing pretty good until he had to lower it to get it out of the house and then into the trailer ramp opening.  He was pretty much holding it with his shoulder and he and the armoire were just a few inches off the ground.  Thankfully we, err, he somehow managed to help me get it into my booth at Smith's.  Let's just say it's not ever moving again until it sells.  So much for thinking I might could bat my eyelashes and beg for this one to come to our house and live with us.  Here it is in my booth space (bad camera phone pic):

 And here's a few blurry and hard to see pics of my updated space at Smith's:

Alrighty, now on to the actual post I had planned for today.  A while back I posted about this door to table transformation I had done for a client:

Well, instead of paying me for this one, we traded.  I received some old chippy paint wood.  I know, true love, right?
So, I had just recently purchased some hooks from another friend of mine who is a dealer.  They were the cutest little chubby bird hooks.
 I started by preserving the great patina on the board by giving it a coat of wax.
 I then added two sawtooth hangers on the back (again, I recommend purchasing these at Wal-Mart):

 Next, up I just placed the little birdies where I wanted them and then lifted them up to put a screw in place to hold them.  I didn't do any exact measurements, because I wasn't wanting it to look perfect here.

 Here it is with all 4 chubby birds in place.  Sooooo incredibly cute and easy.  It's up for sale now.

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Dee said...

I love the birds. They look like birds on a wire. Great job! Dee

Anonymous said...

What an awesome rustic spring looking set of hooks! Nice job!
(aka design)