February 23, 2012

Frame Change

Well, today has been a busy one.  I just walked in the door.  I worked at the Thrift Shop today, and then took a car load of things to my booth at De'France.  I sold two big dressers out of there yesterday so it was looking a little lot empty.  I stopped at a couple of other thrift stores on the way home and picked up a couple new, old furniture pieces on the cheap. Yep, I'm a very proud cheap-o to the max!

When I got home Gauge had all kinds of energy from being put in what he considers prison for the day...the backyard.  Mind you, the backyard would be heaven to some dogs, but since there are no people with him and we have a privacy fence, our little socialite of a dog does not like it.  So, we threw the frisbee for a while, unloaded the car, did some housework, and now I'm blogging!

I'm just sharing with you a super easy quick fix for a frame.  I did this frame for client recently.  She had the gold frame and it had a textured linen-like cream mat in it.  She did not like the cream, nor did it fit with her houses style, so she wanted to make the entire piece gold.  My apologies...these pics are all with my phone camera.  I managed to get away without getting you a fully completed picture, but in the picture below you will get the idea.

 This picture shows the cream mat and the parts that I had already painted gold.
 Another view:
 To do this, I simply used Liquid Leaf (purchased at Michael's).  I would much prefer Hobby Lobby, but my closest one is an hour away.  Bummer!  This is an example of liquid leaf, but I actually used the Renaissance Gold color and just painted it directly on with a small, inexpensive artists' brush.  Super easy and totally transformed the frame into an even higher-end frame than it already was!

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