February 1, 2012

Kid's Table Reveal

Morning run with husband? Check!
Morning run with neighbor? Check!
Sand a prime furniture piece for client? Check!
Load of laundry? Check!
Dishes? Check!
Call references for new janitor at the thrift shop? Most definitely check!! (Can't wait to get this off my plate)
Lunch with hubby and one of his co-workers? Check!
Work at client's house? Check!
Sweet treat to reward myself (for who knows what) at neighbors house? Check!
Cuddle with 85 lb. puppy? Check!
Start blog post? In progress!

Another busy day, but I'm so excited to share with you another recent project for my own house.  This adorable kid's table and chairs.  Right now there are only two chairs, but I'm on the look-out for another set of two different styled wood chairs to go with it.  I love, love, love the way it turned out.  I'm just so excited about this one!  Most of the time I'm working on projects to sell, so I'm especially excited when I get time to work on something for our house.

You may remember this table from a while back.  I refinished this one about a year and half ago.  It was great for being a military family because it all broke down flat for moving, and let me assure you, we do our fair share of moving.  However, it wasn't solid wood.  And, while I did like it, it always bugged me because I'm such a fan of solid wood.

So when I found this table and chair set at a garage sale recently, I was soooo happy, and that's an understatement.  Want to know the best part???  It too, breaks down flat.  Score for team Smalling!  (By the way...the old table is for sale now.)  I started by sanding down the old finish and getting down to bare wood.
 After sanding, I wiped it down with a damp rag.
 The base got a coat of gray paint ($2 can of oops paint from Lowe's).  I generally always paint the bases first if it is on a piece that I am going to stain the top of.
After staining the top with Dark Walnut, I sealed it with three coats of polycrylic.  For some reason it was still feeling a bit grainy to the touch, so I ended up going back over it with two coats of polyurethane a couple days later and that did the trick.  Since it was going to be for the kid's, I wanted something extremely durable and that would clean up easily.

 Then it was on to the chairs, where I did basically the same process.

 Sand then paint.

 Followed by staining.  Oh, and after I stained them, I put a coat of polyurethane on them.  This was a Sunday morning.  Then, we had 100% humidity (lovely Florida) for the next week.  On Wednesday they were still sticky.  Really sticky.  I think they were getting stickier.  I was scared.  I ignored them until the sun came out.  Finally, it wasn't until the next Saturday that we had sunshine again.  I set them outside in the sun, crossing my fingers, and praying they would cure.  Inside I assumed they were past the point of return.  But thankfully the sunshine came through for me.  After a few hours, they cured and were ready for another coat of poly.
 Here is the completed set along with my assistant.

 Once I took them inside, I added sticky felt pads to all of the legs to protect the floor.
 In case I didn't make it clear...I LOVE IT!!
 Okay, all ready for the kiddos!
 Here's a sneak peek at a few "in the works" pieces I've worked on today at one of my client's houses.

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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I love that you went with a sophisticated look on a kids table and chairs! It's beautiful! Thanks for joining the party! ... And you started the day with two runs - whew!

Katie said...

This set is so cute! I love the new look of it! I featured it today!!

Prissyville said...

I LOVE it. I seem to stay safe with cream too much, so your two-toned grey combo is awesome. Could go for a girl or a boy! Totally awesome.