March 13, 2012

DIY Old Wood Hanging Rack

Old chippy wood and rusty hooks...what's not to love.  Put them together and I'm even more in love!  This is obviously super easy.  Feels too easy to even call it DIY.  So, to start, I simply took a piece of old wood from the fabulous pile of wood we have on hand.  All I did to this piece was dust if off a bit and go over it with a coat of Minwax Paste Wax in natural.  Wipe on a thin coat and rub/buff off.  (Buff gently to keep the chippy paint patina).  The wax sorta seals it and keeps the paint from further chipping off.

 Next up I screwed on 4 hooks from Hobby Lobby.  Oh how I wished there was a Hobby Lobby closer to me than an hour away.  My hook stash is getting low.  I've got a girl picking some up for me though.  She gets them on sale, I buy them from her...and it's still cheaper than paying full price.  Score!
 On the back, I nailed in two sawtooth hangers.
Seriously, DIY doesn't get any easier (and cuter) than this!!  This piece already sold out of my booth at Smith's.

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