March 21, 2012

It's Official....(and a bit of a story)

I absolutely cannot tell you how excited I am to write this post and tell you some VERY exciting news.  I finally have a logo...yeppers, I'm officially official now!  I've been buying and selling things my whole life...I mean I literally started this buying and selling business when I was about two!  I've always been a side-of-the-road-trash-picker-upper.  My Dad will vouch.  And honestly, it's provided quite the side income.

It wasn't until about 4 years ago, I started doing it a bit more intensely.  I would buy anything that I knew I could sell somewhere...E-Bay, online classifieds, newspaper classifieds, base thrift shops...I mean, anywhere!

Not to boast in any way, but I have a Master's degree in Business Management, so I've always had a "good job".  About 2 or 2 1/2 years ago, I was working a good job that paid well.  I gave it my all but my heart just wasn't in it.  Either way, I had no intentions of leaving it, but I was doing a bit more and more of the buying and selling, re-creating, etc on the side. 

Then in September that year, we found out my Mom had a brain tumor, quickly followed by surgery, and then the devastating news that she was terminal and had only a few months to live.  It just so happened that at that same exact time, Justin was set to go to a 6 month training course.  At the time we were stationed in Utah.  We knew that as soon as his training course was over we would be PCSing (moving bases).  So, I quit everything and moved to Oklahoma to live with my Mom and Dad during that time. 

I am so blessed that I as able to spend that time with my family...we made such wonderful memories.  In May, Justin finished his training course, and we were going back and forth from Oklahoma to Utah to finish up things there and prepare for our move to Florida, and spend as much time with my Mom as we could.  Then in June when were on the road, U-Haul and all, from Utah to Florida, we lost my Mom.  So, we went to Oklahoma for a few days and then on to Florida. 

Once here, I just really wasn't in the best frame of mind for jobs, but nonetheless I started looking.  Getting ready to go through the usual "find a new job and leave in a year or two routine".  I looked for months.  All the while I was still buying and selling and refinishing furniture, and selling it out of a couple stores.

Justin and I have ALWAYS kicked around various business ideas, but have always known we would be small business owners at some point down the line.  It just hasn't been extremely feasible with our every changing address with the military, because we just aren't anywhere long enough.

However, God made it clear that this was the time.  We couldn't yet have a brick and mortar store (which I can't wait until I do), but we would make THIS my full-time business/job.  So, I dove it full force.  God has provided so faithfully and I have been blessed in my endeavors.  I sell my furniture, wholesale items, and re-purposed goods out of various booth spaces that I rent throughout Northwest Florida, I sell items online, I get a good bit of furniture makeovers for individual clients, I have a part-time Co-Manager job at the Thrift Shop on base here, I do some personal assistant type things for a couple people, and the list goes has definitely become full time.  And I am absolutely loving it.  This past year and half has been an amazing journey for me.

We know that God is preparing us for the day that we do have children so that I will be able to be flexible and keep them at home with me.  He is also preparing us for a store down the line.  So, this brings me to the point of the new logo.  I wanted something that would work with what I do now and would still fit as things evolve over the next 5, 10, and 20+ years.  Something that would not limit me.  Something that would also fit an actual store front one day.  So, thanks to the ever so talented Rhonda from Vintage Birch Designs (, I present to you  my new logo for The Junktion:

This is the official logo and I'm completing a supplemental logo, business cards, a website, and much more.  As soon as it gets going a bit more, hopefully I can use all of my non-techy skills to figure out how to make this blog look cute! :)  It's so beyond me.  But, for now, I'm just happy to have the logo!!!

Thanks to all of the support of my husband, my family, my friends, and my customers for sticking with me and encouraging me!


Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

So excited for you Heather!!! Keep us all posted on your journey! Cant wait to see what your new venture brings for you and your family! Congrats.

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...
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