March 7, 2012

Goodwill Desk Transformation with ASCP

Yay...a gorgeous day here...bright and sunny...great for painting....horrible for taking pictures.  The color of this is just so off from actuality.  I don't know if it's me, my camera, or the fact it was just too bright outside.  I seriously think I'm going to have to invest in a decent camera.  In the meantime, meet my new desk (well, not actually mine, but one I painted today):

I picked up this little desk at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  I don't generally find too much in Goodwill.  To me, they are overpriced for a "thrift store" and I just never really see much of interest.  This piece needed some work on a broken leg and the top was....dunt, dunt, dunt, dun (to be read sounding like doom and gloom) that formica, laminate, plastic-y C-RAP.  

Side note:  growing up at my house we couldn't say the word "crap" or "shut-up" for that matter.  I do remember writing "shut-up" 2000 times once for saying it...pretty funny now that I think about it.  Any-hoo, as we got older, we still didn't say "crap" at my parent's house and we didn't want to say it in front of our kids/neices/nephews/etc., so we started saying c-rap...pronounced as see-wrap.  So, that's what we say for crap; c-rap.  I digress.

Here's the before (with the clamp holding my new repair job):
 I sanded this baby down as best as possible, using my Dewalt orbital sander.
 I decided to use ASCP on this one because of the hardware being too hard to remove and because of the laminate piece of c-rap top.  I chose Provence because that color seems to sell really well in this area.
 After one coat:
 After two coats (the color is soooo off in this picture here):
These pictures are after distressing with my orbital sander using a 120-grit.  ASCP recommends waxing prior to distressing, but I don't do this.  I sand/distress, then wax.

Then, I used the AS soft wax with this brush that I got at my ASCP class (I should mention that I actually hate this brush...the bristles fall out, it stinks, hard to clean...just not impressed with it).
 Here is the finished desk in Provence being shown with a gray distressed chair I recently finished.  They don't necessarily go together, but it works!
 Close up of the distressing after waxing.  The waxing sure smooths it all up and uniforms the color.

Unless someone speaks up for this baby, it's headed to De'France in a couple of days.

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