March 31, 2012

Tea-Cher Card

Another creative idea by one of my sisters, Holly.  This was actually made last Spring, but it makes a perfect Spring gift for a teacher.  Ignore the dates on the pic...her date function is not set right on her camera.  It is simply cut out from scrapbook paper.  She free handed the image of the mug (but I'm sure you could find one online).  She made it where there were two drawings of the mug, opposite of each other and left them attached to each other on the handle.  This would then become the front and back of the card.

 Next she cut out an insert to glue to the inside of the front cover to create a pocket, to hold tea bags, etc.  On the interior of the back side she wrote: You're a Great Tea-Cher.
What a fun, quick, and easy idea to welcome Spring and honor a, sunday school, dance, or whatever kind of tea-cher it is!

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