March 25, 2012

Yet Another Gray Dresser

I'm still MIA (and sore, and tired, and worn out, and the list goes on) from the 10+ hours days of moving the base Thrift Shop.  Not sure it will ever end!  Ok, well, it has to end soon, because I'm going on vacation in a week and a half!!

The gray dressers I've been doing have been really popular and have all sold really fast lately, so I figure I might as well continue with them.  Why stop a good thing.  And, since I love gray, it's definitely a good thing.

Here's the finished chest I worked on in my limited free time the last couple days:
 And here's the before:
 It was solid wood and in great shape, so it just needed an exterior makeover, so I got to sanding.  I sanded the entire piece with 120 grit using my Dewalt orbital sander.  This little guy was observing to make sure I did it right!
 I then sanded the top down to bare wood.  I also did this one with a 120-grit, because it was coming off fairly easy once I put some elbow grease into it.
 The drawers also got sanded lightly with a 120-grit.
After sanding, I wiped with a damp rag and gave everything (excluding the top) a coat of my gray mix from Benjamin Moore.  Just as a reminder.  I had made a gray mix on my own out of some various grays and whites.  I had a client that saw a piece I did and wanted the exact same color...ummm, yikers--I had no clue what I had mixed.  So, I went to Benjamin Moore and they matched it perfectly.  I use a Satin Impervo for this.
 Then it all got a second coat after ample dry time.
 Side note: I used to always remove hardware and just set it to the side.  Then, when I needed it to put back on I either couldn't remember where I set it or a screw was missing, or some other random problem.  Plus I generally have more than one project going at once, which gives me lots of little pieces with potential to get lost.  So, I pulled out a plastic Christmas tin that has a lid and I've been using this for years to store the hardware and screws for the pieces I'm working on.
The top was stained with Minwax Dark Walnut.
Then I sprayed the original hardware with ORB and let that dry.
 Here it is all put back together and ready to go to a new home.  To finish up, I sanded to give it a distressed finish and sealed the entire piece with Minwax Paste Wax in Natural.  This chest is up for grabs!!
 I just love the dark walnut/gray combination.

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that looks awesome- i love the gray and wood combo! it's warm and masculine!