March 19, 2012

Spring is in the {Ch}air

 Hello Friends!  I got a little tied up because our Thrift Shop is moving, so I've been helping out with packing/painting/and much more!!  So, that is part of my MIA excuse! 

Here's a wonderfully springy makeover I just completed. 
 Here it was before:
 I picked this piece up at a local thrift shop a while back, but wasn't really wanting to paint it with a brush because I didn't want to mess with getting it in all the crevices (aka...I was being lazy).  So, I decided to pick up some chipper colored spray paint when I was at the hardware store.   I used the air compressor to blow the dust off this piece and then got out the spray paint and mask.
 I started by turning this piece upside down, so that I would get some of the areas that you might not think about.
 Next, I turned it over and gave it a light coat of spray paint....keeping my arm swaying, while my hand is spraying.
 And he helped out too...providing me breaks to throw his frisbee.
 Let me just say that this spray paint covered EXCEPTIONALLY well.  Like, this was quite possibly my best spray paint experience ever.  Not sure if it was the paint, the color, the weather, the furniture, or a combination, but the coverage on this piece was great.
 After two thin coats, I called it good.
 Just a close up.
 This piece is all ready to make a spring statement on someone's porch. 
This piece is currently for sale.

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