April 26, 2012

Drab to Fab Table

I just finished a table for a customer of mine this afternoon.  I do quite a bit of work for her and she always finds the cutest pieces.  She's super creative and talented, so I'm not sure why she doesn't do this herself, but I'm not complaining to have the business! :)  I hope you're reading this "J"! LOL.

Here's what the cute little table ended up looking like.  She wanted me to paint the base white with a medium distress.
 She had picked this piece up recently and used modge-podge to put old postcards, sheet music, etc. on the top.  This one was for sale but wasn't flying out so she decided to have me update the drab base into something fabulous.
 I used ASCP in Old White.  If only there were enough words to say how much time this stuff can really save.  I mean seriously...no sanding, no priming....so wonderful!  Literally, all I did to this piece was wipe it off with rag to remove dust.
 Two coats of chalk paint and a little bit of dry brushing on the top:
 Then I distressed using my orbital sander and a 150 grit paper.  Again, I don't use this paint for everything, but when it fits the bill, it's certainly worth it.  It distresses so perfectly.

 I then applied clear wax (I actually used Minwax on this one instead of AS wax).  Still gives a super, super smooth and soft, durable finish.
I love the update that this brought to the table.  It really transformed it into a bid of a different piece.  She picked it up today and was very happy with the look of it.  Happy customer = happy me!!

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