April 18, 2012

Upcycled Spring Flower

Spring is in full swing in Florida...actually it's starting to feel a bit more like summer already.  I'm pretty sure our winter was so mild we could have just called it spring.  Anyhoo, my flowers I planted are growing and blooming. We've had rain and lots of sunshine, so it just feels appropriate to share this little flower:
 This is actually my Dad's handy-work (I'm pretty sure I've got the best Dad in the world).  He makes and sells these, so if you're interested, just let me know.  They run around $40, depending on materials used.  For this one, it's just and old plate and saucer, along with a vintage knob.
 He starts with a wood base.  I would suggest using a hardwood versus soft wood for this project, just due to the elements it will be exposed to outdoors.  The very tip of the stem that's in the ground is shaped in a "V" to allow it to go into the dirt easier.  Each leaf was cut out with a jigsaw and is screwed in from the opposite side of the "stem" than the leaf sets on.  The stem height and width along with the shape of the leaves can simply be adjusted to your personal preference if you are making this.  The stem and leaves are just painted with acrylic paint and sealed with clear spray paint.
The key to the plates is using a special drill bit.  TRUST ME, a regular wood drill bit will crack your plate every time.  Not that I would know that from experience or anything...no, not me! :)  After using a ceramic bit and drilling a hold through the center of the plate, a long screw is screwed through the back of the top of the wood stem.  (It's probably worth mentioning here that it's pretty helpful to put a towel or soft piece wood or something of the sorts under the plate while drilling.  This creates a softer barrier between the plate and the metal portion of the drill press; helps alleviate vibration and adds to the crack prevention.)  The screw then goes through each plate and into the knob.
It's perfect in a flower bed or in the yard.  Mine sets just off my front porch in a flower bed.  This is such a fun piece to get you in the spring spirit.  Welcome spring!!

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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh my gosh Heather, that is one cute flower!

Bliss said...

Hey, I've seen those at the craft sales and I think I could do that. But I never did.