April 28, 2012

Color-Coded Nature Walk

Okay, for all of you with kids...here's another fun and super easy project by one of my sisters, Holly.  She comes up with the best ideas for my nieces. 
 To get started they used an empty egg carton tray and cut out a circle of various colors that they placed in the bottom of each hole.  You could get even thriftier and use paint chips for this as well.
 Then they set out on their nature walk to find things in nature that matched the colors in their tray.   Of course Avery is addicted to butterflies right now, so that's her butterfly net (also engineered by my sister.)  Thankfully Avery lets the butterflies go after she catches them.  When I was home we decided that each butterfly they catch is a kiss sent from their Noni (my Mom) in heaven.  When they release the butterflies, they are sending kisses back up to heaven for Noni.  (We had to come up with something after countless little butterflies were losing their lives after getting put in a jar. haha).
 Here's come of the colorful pieces of nature they found.
 Avery displaying the nature finds.
 Jordyn showing off the colorful spread of nature.

 Aww...just look at 'em...don't you just want to scoop 'em up and hug and hug and hug on them?  :)  Well, at least I do.  So, there you have it...a couldn't-get-easier-than-this weekend project the whole family can enjoy!!

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