January 6, 2012

Door to Table

Where does the time go?  How do the hours in the day fly by so quickly?  I've been working with a client today doing some organization and rearranging in her house and now I feel like I've barely got daylight left to paint...story of my life!  However, please don't get me wrong...I am NOT complaining in the least.  I am getting to do what I love and work for myself.  I have the support of my wonderful husband and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Today I'm sharing a very quick transformation of an old door into a sofa table.

This was a project done for a client.  She is a great friend of mine and also an antiques dealer.  She also has a booth space at Smith's Antiques, which is where one of my booths is as well.  She gets her hands on some GREAT things, but just doesn't enjoy putting them together, hence I come into the picture.  

She had found this great old door a local antique mall for $25.00 and had the legs on hand from another table that had fallen apart.  We had looked at the legs and had been trying to come up with something good to use them for and this project turned out to be the perfect one.  For some reason the legs look a little to dainty in all of these pictures, but they actually fit it really well in person.

 The door was old with chippy paint so I used the air compressor to blow it off and clean it up a bit.  I also put a quick, light coat of spray polyurethane, followed by a coat of Minwax Paste Wax in Natural.
 For the legs, I just freshened them up and then made them look old...oxymoron, huh?  People always ask why I worry about the paint job if I'm going to mess it all up anyway afterwards.  I don't know what to tell you.  Even when I know I'm going to distress a piece, something about me just needs the starting point to be really good.  So, I do a paint job (generally) as if it wasn't going to be distressed, then I distress it anyway.  I know this makes no sense.  Just work with me people!
I screwed the legs into the tabletop/door.

I thought it turned out good and she loved it.  My guess is it won't even last two weeks before someone buys it at Smith's, but only time will tell.

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