January 15, 2012

$5 Dresser

Happy Sunday Friends!  We had a great day today and hope you did as well.  This morning was Sunday school then church followed by Quizno's with some friends and then it was time to work in the garage!  We might as well have a big garage and a teeninsy house because we spend much more time in the garage.  One day hopefully we'll design a dream house, but for now we'll take this one! 

You won't believe the bargain I got on this dresser. $5. Yep, you read that right, five whole dollars for an antique oak dresser with dovetail drawers...be still my heart!  I was on my way to work (at the thrift shop on base) and saw a garage sale sign and you KNOW momma don't pass one of those up!  And, I'm so glad I didn't pass it by.  I found a couple of small things and got to chatting with the seller's and told them I refinish furniture.  The lady said "well, we have an old dresser on the back porch you might be interested in"...so I followed (praying on the inside that it would be something I could use).  And low and behold, she shows me this thing.  Of course, none of the drawers worked at the time, but the piece was so sturdy.  When I asked her how much she said "five dollars".  She probably had to help me pick my jaw up off the floor, but I paid her and loaded that baby up!  Sorry for the bad phone pic.
(oh, and did I mention it only had one knob when I got it?)

And, drumroll please, here she is now!  This was actually a SUPER easy piece to do.  It was oak and had such a nice 'rough' grain to it, so I went with the 'dry brush' technique.

I started by sanding it all down with a 120 and 220 grit and cleaned it up.  Then I worked on the drawers.  Some needed new tracks and some just needed the track runner, and one just needed some drawer stoppers.  Luckily, the frame didn't have any issues.

 I didn't even prime this piece.  I just used some $2.00 gray oops paint from Lowe's.  To dry brush, you simply barely dip your brush in the paint, then wipe the brush against the inside of the can lid to get off any excess.  The key is to not have much paint at all on the brush.  Then you simply brush in the direction of the grain.  You sort of drag your brush across the surface to get a very weather/distressed look.  Some places will have more paint and some will have less, but it gives it a good overall look.  I didn't actually distress this piece much at all...most of the darker/distressed areas are just areas with a bit less paint.   The hardware is another garage sale find.  Just so happens I went to a sale a while back and a cabinet maker was selling a bunch of hardware for .25 cents each.  Of course, that would have been a fabulous bargain in and of itself, but instead I asked him if he would take $20 for the entire lot and he happily agreed.  He was happy, I was happy, and my future furniture drawers were happy.  So, it turns out there were a couple hundred in the box...all different styles, but these fit it pretty good if I do say so myself.
I finished this dresser with a coat of clear wax, and stated in the directions.   One more example of a thrifty makeover!

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