January 1, 2012

Kid's Table Re-Do (from old blog)

A couple of years ago I was at the thrift shop on base at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. There was a lady there dropping off some items and she had in the back of her truck what looked like a kid's table. We are always entertaining and having people over and always have kids around and I always wished I had better kid friendly seating.

I asked the lady how much she was going to sale it for (the base thrift shops are actually consignment stores, or you can donate items and then the profit from the sales go to community things or scholarships, etc.). She said she was just dropping it off because she didn't want it anymore and I could just have it if I would take it off her hands....SA-WEET. That's what I'm talking about! I love me a great deal...especially when it involved something FREE!

The table came with two chairs and a basket that hangs in the middle of the table for toys. A square is cut out of the top and has handles to be removed to access the toys. We used the table for a couple years and it got lots of good use, but I never liked the look of it. So, when we were unpacking it here, I decided I wanted to do something to it. Again, I forgot to take a picture when I got started, so here is one I got from the Internet that shows you what it looked like in the beginning.My original thought was I would paint it white and distress it (similar to the recently refinished nightstand). So, I did the same process of sanding and painting white. I then realized that it might not look as good as the nightstand, since it had a red original finish as opposed to a wood finish. So, it was just painted white and sitting on my porch for a few days while I tried to decide what to do with it.Then today, I had a WONDERFUL lunch with a good friend (Yay for Panera Bread), and we decided to run by Michael's afterwards. While I was browsing around, I had my table in the back of my head...so, here's what I purchased with no idea of how this would all actually come together: 6 sheets of really cool printed 12" x 12" scrapbook paper (.99 each), tacky glue ($1.99), sponge paintbrush (.59), and a spray matte sealer ($6.99). I cut the paper to fit the table and then cut out for the center square (I still want to go back and add the storage bag for toys and I'll replace the red handles with something like a twine rope). I rounded the corners so that all of the paper would line up with the edges of the table and chairs. I used the paintbrush to brush the tacky glue onto the back of the paper and then flipped it over, placed it on the table, and pressed it into place. Once it dried for a few hours, I sprayed three coats of the matte sealer on everything, as directed on the can. And here is the finished product. It fits the decor of my house a little better than Disney's Pixar Car's! :)

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