January 4, 2012

Dresser: Before and After

Hi Everyone...I'm busy finishing up a table and chairs today and the daylight is quickly slipping away, along with the sunshine and the warmth.  I worked with one of my clients this morning and early afternoon staging a house that is for sale, so I haven't had too much daylight to even work with today.  Therefore, this will be a short post...just a quick little before and after.

I found this dresser on someone's porch...literally!  It was sitting on a porch a few blocks from our house on one of our running routes.  It looked they could potentially be getting rid of it, so why not knock on the door and at least ask them if I could assist in it's removal, right? :)  Lucky for me, the guy was planning on posting it to Craigslist for $25.  So, after begging him to hold it while I went home and got some money (and a vehicle), I took it home.  It wasn't in the prettiest of conditions to start with, but it was solid wood and had dove-tailed drawers, so I figured me and my power tools could work some magic.  And, sure enough, it turned out looking pretty good with a shabby chic look.  By the way...why in the world was that nasty, slick, formica type top stuff used back in the day on dressers...a refinishers nightmare I tell ya!



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